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London diary

juin 24, 2011 by , under News.

Les articles illustrés de Taylor continuent sur PaperMag, avec le récit de leurs aventures londoniennes :

» Part 1
» Part 2

Hanson - London - PaperMag

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To international fans

juin 22, 2011 by , under News.

Hey all,

During the 5Of5 in London we heard that there were some international fans who often come here to check the news. That was kind of a surprise because HFF is a french-speaking website but we were really happy to hear that.
The website itself is not very useful for news because we only put the main ones, but on the forum there are a lot more news, pics, videos…
So we are wondering if any of you would be interested by the opening of an international section ?

The idea is just to extend the international community, It could be cool to have fans from all over Europe and more to come and debate with us. Maybe the opening of an international section will ease that and encourage you to post ? We can work on the translation of the news.
There is already of course, but maybe some of you will find themselves more comfortable here ?

So if you’re interested let’s leave a comment to talk about it and we’ll figure out what is the best option !

The HFF team


Hanson dans le clip de Katy Perry !

juin 13, 2011 by , under News.

Les Hanson apparaissent dans le nouveau clip de Katy Perry « Last Friday Night » !

Hanson Last Friday Night

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Photos et Videos du 5Of5 de Londres !

juin 12, 2011 by , under News.

Retrouvez toutes nos photos et vidéos des concerts de Londres sur le forum !!

5OF5 - London
(c) Stormy

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